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What is this Site?
This site is devoted to providing extensive information on the line of TRS-80 personal home computers, with a specific focus on the Model I, Model III, and Model 4. There is also SOME information on the Model 100/102, Model 200, Model 600, Color Computer, and Pocket Computer lines as well as Printers. Information from these links includes product descriptions, catalog numbers, pictures, prices, operations, hardware, software, etc.

You can also find utilities and information on how to read TRS-80 disks and how to read TRS-80 tapes on a modern PC, how to run them on a modern PC using a TRS-80 emulator, and utilities to manipulate the disk images and cassette images once you have them converted. I can even read your disks for you into a format which you can use in a TRS-80 emulator on your PC.

Other information on the site includes online reference manuals for Level II BASIC and NEWDOS/80, as well as information (and walk-throughs) for the Scott Adam's adventures and tips/tricks/zaps/easter eggs. There are even utilities to play your old ORCH 80/85/90 files again!

There are pages devoted to TRS-80 DOS's such as NEWDOS/80, DOSPLUS, MULTIDOS, and CP/M, as well as to Hacks for TRS-80 hardware, for Hardware Repair, and for Modern-Day Hardware which can substitute for TRS-80 Hardware. Almost all of the magazine covers featured on this site also come with details about the issue, and the table of contents of the articles which were present. There are currently 200 pages to the site (not including news postings), so feel free to poke around.

You can even search through the TRS-80 Software Archive, the TRS-80 Magazine Tables of Contents, and the TRS-80 Catalogs.
Free Services and Goodies
  • Are you a copyright holder? If you didn't give me permission to host your property, then your property is NOT available for download on this site. However, if you are willing to allow it to be, please contact me!

  • Do you have real TRS-80 disks just lying around? LET ME RESCUE THEM
      While TRS-80 disks were not made to hold data for 35 years, the data is most likely still there if the disks were stored properly. However, that is a big "if".

    If you have TRS-80 Model I, III or 4 disks lying around, please contact me. I can read those diskettes into a format which can then be used on modern PC's running emulators (letting you re-live your memories). This will also preserve your collection!

    I do NOT charge for this and put together this FAQ for those interested.

  • Do you have a real TRS-80 and need disks? Click here to request.

  • Do you want a real TRS-80? The prices on eBay are overinflated. Many times people just give away TRS-80's to a good home. Click here to see current listings.

  • Want to use an emulated TRS-80 RIGHT NOW? Click here.